Application to join RAW (Must Be 18+)

We will need a little information about you so please fill out the form and tell us why you wish to join our community and a little bit about yourself.

Arma 3
Red Orchestra 2
Elite Dangerous
Worms Clan Wars

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RAW Membership Rules

No cheating. Cheating is not tolerated in this Organisation. Cheaters will be banned from the clan. If you hack, have used them in the past or have any VAC bans, please don’t apply to join this clan.

No rudeness or outright disrespect. Regardless of whether a person is in RAW or not, when we wear our tags we treat others with courtesy and respect.

No lies or deceit, a degree of trust is placed upon our members. We are not interested in deceitful members or those out to harm others. That is classed as un-RAW like behaviour. Be honest at all times.

Conduct towards RAW members - ALL FELLOW RAW MEMBERS SHOULD BE TREATED WITH RESPECT. Despite the disagreements that will inevitably arise from time to time, all RAW members are to be treated with a general air of courtesy and respect, including greeting them when they come into the server.

Conduct towards non-RAW gamers - Non-RAW gamers should be treated with an equal level of respect and courtesy as RAW members whether you have a RAW tag on your name or not. RAW strives to be a clan that is highly regarded, not necessarily in skill so much as in respectability, and inappropriate actions of one member inevitably reflect poorly on the entire clan.

No inactive members. At the lowest level being active refers to being on-line and playing the game at least once a week. We also expect you to take an active part in the forum too.

EXPECTATIONS: While we all have 'real world' commitments to deal with, it is expected that you'll keep up communication with the community, at least from time to time. This means jumping into Discord as much as possible to say hi, and posting to (or at least reviewing) the website/forums (at least weekly) to keep in touch with the various goings on. If you're planning to be AFK for a considerable period of time, let us know by posting on the forums.


How to find your Steam Profile

Log into your Steam account and on the top left you will see STORE, COMMUNITY and your user name, mouse over your name and select profile, copy the URL and paste it into the form.


We use this information to confirm who you are and that you have no VAC bans.


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