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Updated our Discord viewer added quite a few features such as Admin tags, auto refresh, it only lists occupied channels and it's customisable. It's fully flexible, the icons and the text will resize to whatever dimensions you have in your iframe so I called it the Discord Flexi-Viewer. As there are not many viewers out there, I have made this available for anyone to download and have added a page to our website for this and added a few themes so it should suit the needs of anybody.

I have made this new topic so people can ask any questions related to the Discord channel viewer.

News and Events / Mumble has a new I.P.
« on: December 19, 2016, 10:37:16 PM »
Please note that our Mumble voice server has now changed I.P.

To join our new server the difficult way, open Mumble and on the top menu, click on "Server", click "Connect", click "Add New" in the "Add Server" box type in the following:

Label: RAW recruits
Port: 2027
Username: Whatever!

Click "OK"

Or... Even easier, just click on the "Join Mumble" link in the menu on the website or the link in the viewer and it will automatically launch the Mumble and join our server.

News and Events / RAW recruits Dedicated Server & Staff Fees
« on: December 16, 2016, 06:47:16 PM »
Below is a recap of the e-mail that I have just sent out to all members and the place to discuss any comments you may have concerning it.

Hi Guys,

Time for what I thought would be a tough decision but it turns out to be an easy one really and it concerns the dedicated server. From this month on, OVH are increasing the cost by 20%, that coupled with losing some of our staff members and some late payments means that it is not worth keeping the server any longer as the costs now outweigh the few benefits of actually having a server.

DayZ is not any closer to having dedicated server files released and the other games that we host are used very little or not at all in most cases. I calculate that the costs for next year for the remaining staff members would work out at about £25.00 a quarter each, which I feel is too much.

Therefore, I have renewed the server for only a further week, just in case you all want us to keep it on, as it's really your decision not mine but I can't recommend it and I am sure most of you will agree with me. So I anticipate the server closing down from next Tuesday the 20th December. If anyone wants to discuss this further then I will be on Mumble most evenings.

The only impact on us that I can figure is Mumble, so I propose to rent a private Mumble server for us to use short term, I can't see a need for more then 20-slots. So, no more staff members or fees to pay. The cost of the domain hosting and a mumble server will be paid from any normal donations that we receive.



P.S. If you have a standing order set up please remember to cancel it.

DayZ / Screw you Fragnet.
« on: August 08, 2016, 07:06:14 PM »
Why I am THIS close to shutting down our DayZ server and waiting for dedicated server files to be released before EVER having another DayZ server.

For the past two days our server has been unlisted in the in-game server lists, doesn't appear in favourites and is listed as DEAD by GameTracker.

Sick of all the hacking, glitching and other crap that we can't (for "can't" read not allowed) do anything about other then kick the player/s involved, I decided to upgrade our server to a 60-slot private shard providing that we could keep the same I.P. that we have at present so that the transition would be as smooth as possible (or so I thought).

So last month I submitted a ticket to Fragnet:

2016/07/15 20:23
Roy Noonan Client
Is it possible to upgrade our current server to a 60-slot and also make it a private master hive AND keep the same I.P. as present:

I got the following reply:

2016/07/15 22:47
Brett P Staff
Hello Roy,
Absolutely, we can take care of this for you at any time. The server will remain exactly as it is now, only the slots and server type will change, allowing additional players and greater management options. Would you like for us to go ahead and proceed with the upgrade?

Brett @ Fragnet
Fragnet Networks AB - Game Hosting Solutions

Great! So I waited until the server was due for renewal and replied with the following:

2016/08/06 21:09
Roy Noonan Client
Yes I would like you to do this please. Could you do so tomorrow as that is the renewal date for the server and will make things easier for payments.

They replied:

2016/08/07 00:28
Brett P Staff
I have now made the changes via the Billing System and your invoice has been adjusted to reflect the new values and the cost of 118.80£/mo. Please go ahead and pay the invoice will possible and get back with us, where we will go ahead and make the necessary changes to the game server on our end.

Brett @ Fragnet
Fragnet Networks AB - Game Hosting Solutions

So I paid and got back to them:

2016/08/07 16:25
Roy Noonan Client
O.K. It's paid now.

By now I noticed that GameTracker was listing the server as DEAD, Nothing to do with the changes via the Billing System they mentioned above, nah, it must be due to them upgrading.

Less then three hours later they replied to the ticket with:

2016/08/07 19:38
Kristian M. Staff
Hello Roy,
Your server is upgraded to a Private Master with 60 slots.
Please let us know if you need any further assistance from us.

Kind Regards,
Kristian @ Fragnet

Great, lets go and check it out. Wait... It's still listed as DEAD on GameTracker and isn't showing up in the in-game server lists!

Ah! An E-mail from Fragnet, maybe this will explain why.

Subject: Slots changed on

Hello Roy Noonan,

The slots for server has been increased to 50. The maximum allowed slots is 30. Please investigate.

Best regards,

Fragnet Networks Team

What!!! Our server IS 50-slots, in fact by now it should be 60, after all they DID tell me "Your server is upgraded to a Private Master with 60 slots."

So I replied to the E-mail:

I have no idea what you are on about! All I know is that our server has
not been listed all day and Gametracker have it listed as a dead server.
We rent and have paid for a 50-slot server from you and have done so
since we upgraded in February this year, see your invoice 526850 dated
23rd June 2016 below:

Invoice #526850

*Invoice Items*
Players Slots: 50 Slots

Due 07/07/2016 and *PAID*

Also I made a reply to the ongoing ticket:

2016/08/07 19:51
Roy Noonan Client

I have no idea what is going on with your company! Our server has been unlisted for the last 24-hours and Gametracker lists it as a dead server.

I have just recieved an e-mail from your company 18:42 titled Slots changed on stating that The slots for server has been increased to 50. The maximum allowed slots is 30. Please investigate.

Since we have bought and paid for a 50-slot server from you, this e-mail makes absolutely no sense and I trust we will get some form of recompense for the time the server has empty and unlisted.
I have today paid £108.80 for an upgrade to a 60-slot Private server and instead we get this cock up.

Then I get another E-mail:

Subject: Private status changed on

Hello Roy Noonan,

The server has been changed from private to public. Please investigate.

Best regards,

Fragnet Networks Team

What! Our server IS public. It shouldn't be though! Didn't they say earlier that "Your server is upgraded to a Private Master with 60 slots."

So I didn't bother replying to the E-mail, instead I added my reply to the outstading ticket:

2016/08/07 19:59
Roy Noonan Client

And now I have another e-mail 18:37 from you titled Private status changed on and stating The server has been changed from private to public. Please investigate.

And even though you earlier reply to this ticket states that our server is upgraded to a Private Master with 60 slots it is still unlisted.

They replied with:

2016/08/08 08:14
Brett P Staff


I would like to sincerely apologize for how this case has been handled since the upgrade order was processed. Given the recent migration to the new Control Panel, a number of elements have changed in the back-end that affect the way things work, making it vastly different from the previous methods. I feel at this point in time it would be best to perform a reinstall on your server and restore any content data you require such as configurations, persistence, etc. This could be completed in a matter of minutes and allow us to have you back online and running as expected.

If this would be permissible, please do let us know and our team can go ahead and proceed as soon as you provide confirmation.

Brett @ Fragnet
Fragnet Networks AB - Game Hosting Solutions

O.K. So these things happen and this can be completed in just a matter of minutes and will allow us to be back online and up and running as expected. All that remains for me to do is tell them to go ahead. Isn't it???  :-\

2016/08/08 11:58
Roy Noonan Client

What I suspect has happened Bret is that your company has mistaken our server with one called RAW-Multigaming dayz server which is a 30-slot public server. Regardless, the result of this episode is that for two days now we have had a completely empty server thus this has ruined our hope of a smooth transition from public to private and seen our server ranking plummet in the process. We can not put a price on this but hope to see some recompense from your company.

Please reinstall and restore the server.

5 Hours later... I see another Email:

Subject: Private status changed on

Hello Roy Noonan,

The server has been changed from private to public. Please investigate.

Best regards,

Fragnet Networks Team


An then another:

Subject: reinstalled

Hello Roy Noonan,

Your DayZ Private Master server has been reinstalled. Here is your game server's information:
Port: 2502
Query Port: 27216
Slots: 60

Best regards,

Fragnet Networks Team


Wait... There's another:

Subject: Private status changed on

Hello Roy Noonan,

The server has been changed from private to public. Please investigate.

Best regards,

Fragnet Networks Team

What!  :o

No, There's yet another:

Subject: reinstalled

Hello Roy Noonan,

Your DayZ Private Master server has been reinstalled. Here is your game server's information:
Port: 2502
Query Port: 27216
Slots: 60

Best regards,

Fragnet Networks Team


AND another:

Subject: Private status changed on

Hello Roy Noonan,

The server has been changed from private to public. Please investigate.

Best regards,

Fragnet Networks Team


Back to the ticket...

2016/08/08 17:15
Roy Noonan Client

Does anyone in your company have any idea what is going on here? I wait all day and nothing, server is still down, then I get more conflicting and garbled e-mails from your company, five in the space of 42 minutes:-

E-mail 15:04 The server has been changed from private to public. Please investigate.
E-mail 15:24 Your DayZ Private Master server has been reinstalled. Here is your game server's information:
E-mail 15:30 The server has been changed from private to public. Please investigate.
E-mail 15:37 Your DayZ Private Master server has been reinstalled. Here is your game server's information:
e-Mail 15:46 The server has been changed from private to public. Please investigate.

Can someone PLEASE sort this sorry mess out.

SO that's why I am THIS close to just shutting the thing down.

Ah! Meanwhile while I am typing the end to this post I get a reply via ticket:

Christoffer C. Staff

Hello Roy,

My apologies for the amount of e-mails you're receiving. We're currently troubleshooting this problem as it is a previously not encountered issue, this is why you're receiving several e-mails under a short timespan.

We're working on fixing this and will of course compensate you for any lost playing-time when the issue has been resolved.

If you require any further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us!

Kind Regards,

Christoffer @ Fragnet

Fragnet Networks AB - Game Hosting Solutions

Yeah right! Watch this space... It's nothing to do with another server called RAW that's just coincidentally has a 30-Slot Public  server, right?

Rust / Rust
« on: February 21, 2016, 04:50:04 PM »

O.K. The game has been around for a while so why all the sudden interest?

I don't advocate anyone buying a game then finding we no longer play it or they just don't like it, we have too many past examples like "Red Orchestra 2" so do so at your own risk.

So a few days ago (over a week actually!) Chomp mithered me about getting Rust. What! Another wanna be DayZ survival game, still in Alpha etc. etc. Not interested. He also mithered Floris who caved in and bought it, I thought no more about it.


My son rang me and asked what jean size I was (it was for my Birthday), Doesn't matter son I replied, I have loads of jeans, nope don't need any jumpers either! In fact I don't really need anything... "But I gotta get you something Dad" Wait... Tell you what, buy me a game called Rust but don't pay £20 on Steam, get it from for around £8.00, so he did.

The game took me over 2 hours to install, not a great start but not the games fault, my SSD's were full so I had to move my Steam libraries around and freed up 135 Gig, the game itself is around 1.6 Gig and it downloaded and installed in no time at all.

So what's the game like? Well... It's crap and the graphics are crap too, don't really like the game much at all. I did discover that the default graphics could be put up to "Fantastic" and it looks pretty good and the game still runs smooth as hell, but it's still too much like Minecraft and I don't like Minecraft.

I played on for the duration of the evening but didn't play it again for a few days, they both did, non-stop. A few days later I was bored and jumped on to join them and discovered that it wasn't trying to be DayZ, I liked the Minecraft style of crafting but without the blocky graphics, this was more realistic, real world stuff. I got excited by discovering new blueprints, I was actually having fun!

I won't go into the game-play or what it's like (Google that stuff), except to say that this game is about base building, protecting your base, gathering stuff and raiding other players bases, you'll get killed by a rouge helicopter shooting you, wolves, bears and other players (not as often as DayZ), Bob even starved to death! But if you have a sleeping bag in your base you'll spawn back there short of only the items you were carrying when you died and if you can find your body in under 10 minutes you can loot your stuff back off it. It's fun to play with friends, helping each other out etc.

If DayZ implements base building like this then I will be quite happy. Oh! and another thing, this game supports dedicated servers and we love games that do that, so (cheers ydy) we now have our own 250-slot server running this game.

So to sum up all I will say is that yesterday I started playing at around 10:30 AM and Chomp and I finished playing at 4:00 AM, that's seventeen and a half hours on and off, including the final 5 hours breaking into someone’s base (successfully), not the sort of time that I have invested in a game for a long time, so draw your own conclusions.

DayZ / DayZ Server
« on: February 06, 2016, 04:17:04 PM »
Increased the slots on our DayZ server to 50. Very strange that now it is a 50-slot server it didn't empty overnight, you can see that by this chart below, the two dips that you see there are a result of the server restarts.

You can see this better demonstrated on the 7 day and 30 day charts below, ever since we have had this server that last dip would go all the way down, then those jagged lines represent several hours of maybe 2-10 players regardless of the weekend or not but nope, for both server resets they just poured straight back in!

There's some weird psychological stuff at work here somewhere! I have no idea what it is! Just recorded this information here to keep a record that I can compare with in a few weeks time.

General Discussion / Web Stuff!!!
« on: February 02, 2016, 04:02:14 PM »
We all have one thing in common aside from gaming, we all browse the web. If in the process you come across anything interesting then this is the place to tell us about it.

We all take screenshots at some point and today I found this add on for Chrome called Awesome Screenshot where you can also annotate your clips:-

News and Events / New Members
« on: January 18, 2016, 04:24:37 PM »
A big welcome to Renny AKA Josh, our first recruit of the year and more importantly our first recruit from DayZ! Welcome aboard.

News and Events / Members Only Area
« on: January 15, 2016, 05:46:33 PM »
We have now created a new members only area on this forum. If you are unable to see that section then please ask one of the staff members who will then add you to the "RAW Members" Membergroup.
This section is primarily used to discuss locations and tactics for our games such as Elite and DayZ, it also contains details of our finances and payment records so that all members can keep track of due payments and fees.

News and Events / NEW - RAW recruits DayZ Server
« on: January 06, 2016, 04:37:15 AM »
Yes, that's right, after over two years of playing this game we finally bit the bullet and rented a 40-slot DayZ server from Fragnet, details as follows:-

Name: RAW recruits | 24/7 Day | Active Admins | Come Getz Some Loot!
Location: Paris - France

At £40 a month it's expensive but thanks to all the RAW members that put their hand in their pockets (17 members so far!) it's only costing us each around £2.50 a month, that's less then the price of a pint of beer!

If you're not one of those 17 and you want to chip in then post below, the more that pay the cheaper it becomes for each of us.

There's a lot going on in DayZ for us right now, all hush hush and very very secret but you can read all about it and make comments in the members only section of this forum, you just need to be a registered RAW member on the forum to see that section.

As for the server, well, what can I say! It's only day one but I was blown away by the fact that the server has been full or nearly full all day long, no mean feat considering that there are over a thousand servers for players to choose from!

But imagine our surprise when at 2:00 AM we discovered that we were the second highest in the DayZ server list and the highest public server! That was fantastic to see, so lets try to support the server as much as we can, I am sure we would all be very happy to get ranked on GameTrackers first page, that's our target and we haven't really had one of those since our FEAR days. We are currently 14th from the bottom on the very last page [Edit] 7 days later we are now 93rd.

Happy New Fear Year Everyone!

News and Events / Goodbye Oldy
« on: November 12, 2015, 09:46:53 PM »
It is with great sadness that I have to announce the death of David Rooke, known by many of you by his gaming nickname "Olds" or "Oldg1t". David passed away at his home in Duston Northampton on the 10th of September, his death was the result of a heart attack.

David was the very first member that we recruited and he invested a lot of time and effort into this community, ranging from running our former "training nights" to giving out help and advice to our younger members. I fondly recall how he personally purchased a dozen copies of the Red Orchestra 2 to enable our members to play the game. He had a very kind and generous nature and is greatly missed by the members of this community, many of whom still ask after him. He played a large part in the lives of many of our members, which I have conveyed to his younger Brother William and in turn to his Mother.

Goodbye Oldy, we'll miss you...

General Discussion / Winter's coming but don't wait for Spring!
« on: September 21, 2015, 05:47:02 PM »
No, not the latest series of Game of Thrones!

Carried out a regular routine clean of my computer today, mainly paid attention to the intake fans at the front. Final inspection of the interior looks fairly clear, nothing major but wait... What's going on behind the scene with my CPU cooling system!

Closer inspection reveals my radiator is clogged up with dust. Don't forget to check all your crooks and crannies folks!

Games in general / GTA V
« on: September 16, 2015, 01:12:41 PM »
As you may have read on our website, GTA V got a major new update. Does this mean we start playing again now? What are your thoughts on it?

News and Events / Important Info Regarding the Shoutbox
« on: September 02, 2015, 03:32:53 PM »
Whilst you do not need to be registered to use our shoutbox, there are some features that you will be missing out on by not doing so!

To register just click the options box then the signup button under "Other options"

Non registered users can post, use smilies and codes.

Registered users are able to update their account information, such as their avatar, username display properties, password, and e-mail address.

Enlarge (pop out) the shoutbox
View Archive

RAW members that are registered will also become moderators, as a moderator you will be able to:-

Make longer posts (300 characters)

Have Limited Admin Panel Access (Manage shouts, word filters, ip bans, reserved names)
Can Suspend Users
Can Ban IP addresses
Can Sticky Messages
Can Moderate Moderators (delete/modify shouts)

Staff members that are registered will have full admin rights and make posts of up to 400 characters

News and Events / New Staff Members
« on: August 30, 2015, 07:49:53 PM »
We would like to welcome Swift aboard as our latest Staff Member. Thanks for the support Toby.

RAW is run and owned by all the Staff Members. There would be no RAW community without the support of Staff Members, between us we pay for the costs of running the website and the game servers. If you are interested in becoming one then please contact me.


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