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Title: Escape from Tarkov live stream
Post by: Ernesto ep5 on April 03, 2016, 03:05:22 PM
Dear friends!
Let us elaborate a little on what has happened to the stream and why it has turned out this way.
The main reason for stopping the Russian stream and postponing an English one was that the aspects of the game that have already been working were not showcased the way we originally intended, i.e. lacked the quality we initially aimed for. This led to the decision that was eventully took - Russian stream was stopped, English one cancelled.
That was, in part, caused by lack of time we dedicated to set up the streaming on Twitch and in part by the lack of testing of the Alpha build version we attempted to show the gameplay on.
We indulged in our desire to show you as many features and content as possible, and that was a mistake on our part, as all of the newest additions were not properly tested due to critical shortage of time - for instance, the game server could not handle its interactions too well, leading to 1-hour pause before and half an hour later.
However, we'd like to point out that this was just a test stream of the Alpha version, an it wouldn't be correct to judge the final quality of product based on it.
We are greatly disappointed by these course of events and would like to once again apologize to those who dedicated their time to watch us. On our part, we take it as our responsibility to conduct a new stream on the level both you and our game deserve, showing everything we planned to show properly. All the mistakes we've made up to now were learned from, and won't be repeated again.
Thank you for staying with us.
Respectfully yours,
Battlestate Games Team
Title: Re: Escape from Tarkov live stream
Post by: Rebel on April 04, 2016, 01:11:34 AM
Ah! That's why it is not on YT, glad I didn't tune in now! They seem to have been too keen, should have learnt from DayZ and taken three years lol. Cheers for the info Eps.
Title: Re: Escape from Tarkov live stream
Post by: mkers on April 05, 2016, 12:14:17 AM
Here ya go.


All 10 minutes of it  ???