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Title: Summer 2017 ARK Survivor evolved
Post by: Bobbywires on June 21, 2017, 03:22:22 AM
Starting This weekend we are going to switch our main server over to the new DLC Ragnarok and keep Scorched Earth as a cluster server. Last chance to transfer dinos and inventory from TheCenter to Scorched Earth.  Once established on the new map Ragnarok you may move your treasures to the new map.
Just to update players on our server.
We are playing PVE but clan wars are allowed.
The server is limited to 10 players because for now, that's all I can afford.
We are using only 2 mods: Stackable Storage and Classic Flyers.
Stackable Storage just sorts and consolidates item saved in chests
The developers nerfed the flying dinos to improve the PVP game but messed up PVE so Classic Flyers just un-nerfs the flying dinos.
The experience and dino training is boosted to 5 and Harvest to 3

Main map
Connection Info:
Query Info:
For Schorched Earth
Connect IP:
Query Info:

Title: Re: Summer 2017 ARK Survivor evolved
Post by: Bobbywires on June 28, 2017, 01:17:45 AM
As of Sat evening June 24th the main server was switched from TheCenter to Ragnarok. Which should be awarded more developer involvement with new features. Travel to the Cluster server Scorched Earth is still available.

Added the Death Recovery MOD
The game added a corpse recovery feature which doesn't work very well.
We had a similar MOD and dropped it for the game mod which didn't work
You have to craft a gravestone and place it on the map
Title: Re: Summer 2017 ARK Survivor evolved
Post by: Bobbywires on October 02, 2017, 06:32:39 PM
Looks like GTXGaming like to rip off customers. They lowered the price for their Ark servers in Jan 2017 but continued to charge me the original price, about $5 a months. Not a major expense but they refused to credit me the difference for 9 months. If you are a GTXgaming customer you are expected to check the pricing each month by running their configurer as if you were a new customer.

Enough of the  tirade  against GTXGaming.
The cost of running 2 servers, $32/month, (Ragnarok and Scorched Earth) is a bit high for the amount of players we are attracting. Some of our player have been helping when they can, thank you. Also the 10 player limit may be a turn off. I have found another provider ArkServers.io  for $14/month for 1 server (Ragnarok) with a 60 player limit.

Right now it's called Bobbywires and it's running our Ragnarok map as of Oct 10th.
If we switch over I'll rename it Raw-Recruits
All existing player, tribe and builds have been brought over

Hit Win+R to bring up the run box and enter: steam://connect/
Password to play is 9876

Better way is in steam - view - servers and add: 
or http://server-rvbe.arkers.io/

Please post comments here or catch me on Mumble


Title: Re: Summer 2017 ARK Survivor evolved
Post by: mkers on October 04, 2017, 10:47:05 AM
Good stuff Bobby.

I can't be on the computer much lately because of shoulder problems, which I'm hoping will be sorted soon.
Title: Re: Summer 2017 ARK Survivor evolved
Post by: Bobbywires on October 15, 2017, 01:47:16 AM
On Sunday afternoon  Oct 15, California time, Raw Recruits Ark Survival Evolved will be moved to the new server.
We will not be supporting the Scorched Earth cluster server.
Ragnarok has been expanded to include a Scorched Earth Biome.
Last chance to save any resource now in the Scorched Earth server.